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A Complete, Comprehensive Top Quality Training Package On Facebook Marketing

How To Sell Your Own Hot Selling Product TODAY

arrowTop quality, hot selling product that millions of people need

arrowPut your name on it, sell it and keep 100% of the profits

arrowTrain yourself to super target responsive leads – and sell unlimited copies

arrowEvergreen, hot niche – super easy to sell

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids - PLR
Mark R

I was impressed by the professionalism that the documents are presented with

Simon’s Facebook Marketing Ads on Steroids is the real deal. Simon provides 10 modules, including an 80 page training guide that runs you through all the steps to be successful with FB ads. This package is obviously the result of a lot of experience with Facebook Ads. I especially liked the section on the things not to do with retargeting.

Provided is a comprehensive cheat sheet, eight training modules including mini sites, a mind map, a resource report, a sales letter and a lot more. I was impressed by the professionalism that the documents are presented with. Much time was taken to create a very well-designed, graphical page format, laid out for easy reading. This will increase the perceived value of the package.

For those more inclined to learn through video, the upsell is a must have. The videos are again, very professional, narrated very clearly, and designed for easy consumption at a reasonable pace.

It doesn’t take long to realize that this package wasn’t thrown together overnight.
Mark Ribick

Product Already Created For You

Product Already Created For You

Top quality, hot selling product already created for you – just download it, put your name on it and upload to your server.
Sell & Profit

Sell & Profit

Sell unlimited copies, keep 100% of the profits.
Hot selling product + Unlimited Market Potential = Unlimited $$$$$

Hot Product + Unlimited Market = $$$$

Use this training to polish your skills in Facebook Marketing – and reach even more people that need this material.

Why Your Product?

Most people will tell you that in order for you to make money online, you must have your own product.

And not just any product – you need a high quality, hot product that lots of people need for you to make money.

Then of course you have to get this product in front of these people to make sales.

Can you create such a product?

Maybe; let us looks at what it involves:

xIt takes a lot of talent, work, time and money to create a quality product that people can actually buy.

xIt can take you weeks or months to research and come up with a product that appeals to people.

Of course you can outsource people to do some of this for you. You need at least $3000 and still invest your time to create the actual product.

xA designer to create a website and graphics for you will cost you at least $1000.

xA copy-writer to create a sales page for you will cost you at least $1000.

xYou have to get someone to do the research you need to create something that people will actually buy – at least another $1000.

xAnd of course, you will spend weeks creating the actual product itself.

There is a better choice…


Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids – PLR Package

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids - Business In A Box

Why Facebook?

checkmarkFacebook has over 1.6 Billion active subscribers and growing almost exponentially.

checkmarkOver 1 billion people log into their Facebook accounts every day. These people are engaged buyers, and they present a huge opportunity for marketers like you.

checkmarkFacebook currently has over 3 million advertisers as of June 2016. These represent an audience that is dead set and ready to consume this training right away.

checkmarkWith over 600 different ways to laser target these people, Facebook presents you with targeted buyers that make you money.

Every person looking to make money is a potential customer that needs targeted traffic and buyers.

Over 70 Million Businesses & Over 100 Million Marketers Need This Training

This training is in high demand by both online and offline marketers. Both can make a killing out of it.

This presents you with a product that is easy to sell to an unlimited audience. You have no shortage of people that need this training.

Online Marketers

checkmarkSell it for $9 to 97 to an unlimited number of people who need this training.
checkmarkUse it to create a private membership.
checkmarkOffer it as a bonus to increase value of complementary products.
checkmarkUse it to train yourself and team.
checkmarkUse it as training content for your seminar or webinar.

Offline Marketers

checkmarkSell it to businesses for up to $97.
checkmarkUse it to prospect for offline clients.
checkmarkUse it to train your clients for BIG Bucks.
checkmarkUse it to offer professional Facebook Ads service – this can make you thousands of dollars for each client.

Colin Linnett

Holds the beginner’s hand… teaches the more experienced Facebook marketers 

The Facebook Ads Marketing on Steroids package is a complete package…  making it all the more valuable and sought after for those seeking these kinds of packages.

The main report is a solid PDF report that not only holds the beginners hand, but also teaches the more experienced Facebook marketers out there a thing or two as well.

Everything is covered in the main report and any one who reads it will be well trained in using Facebook ads the correct and proper way. Overall this is a good PLR package in a good popular niche market which can learn you or your customers how to use Facebook Ads in the correct way.

A lot of people lose money with not doing Facebook ads correctly and this package may help you or clients to overcome this.
Colin Linnett 

No Learning Curve

You are getting a bundle that has everything you need to be successful in Facebook Marketing and start selling today.

This  is a high quality, well researched training Ebook and training  materials, including:

checkmarkSource material that you can modify.

checkmarkTraining material.

checkmarkSelling material.

checkmarkSales pages.


checkmarkPower point presentation.

checkmarkSwipe emails.

checkmarkEverything you need to start selling right away!

Your clients will thank you for it.

Let us take a closer look at what you are getting, shall we?

Top Quality Training Guide

This is an Ebook that is well researched, detailed, and provides cutting edge information on Facebook Marketing in step by step format.

Over 10,000 words and 80 pages of no fluff top quality training.

Your clients will be proud to own this – they will love you for it.

A) Types of Facebook Ads
B: Campaigns, Ad Sets, And Bidding
a: Facebook Lead Ads
b: Split testing or A/B testing on facebook
c: Retargeting / Remarketing On Facebook

Training Guide

Valued at $850

pdf and doc formats

Top Quality Training Guide

Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet breaks down the entire course into simple to follow, step by step processes. This will keep your clients focused on their goal to success.

Cheat Sheet

You end up with happy customers – happy customers become repeat buyers that make you money.

pdf and doc formats

Valued at $27
Resource Guide

Resource Guide

No training can be complete without a resource for references. This guide offers you cool places where you will find all the information and tools you need to be successful in your marketing.

Resource Guide

Blogs, tools, infographics, forums, etc. When you give every tool and resource to your clients, they have everything at their fingertips – there is no reason they cannot succeed -and in turn they will reward you as repeat buyers.

pdf and doc formats

Valued at $27
Top Quality Training Guide

Mind Map

This mind map lays out everything as an over-view in a visual format so your clients can see where they are every step of the way.


Before they even get started, they have an overall visual picture of what they need to do – cutting down their learning curve.

pdf format

Valued at $17
Top Quality Training Guide

High Conversion Sales Letter

Of course you need a sales copy that converts – it’s all done for you. It takes a lot of expertise and care to write a sales copy that converts.

A good sales copy can cost you several $1000s.

All you need is to make some little change and start sending traffic to it and make sales.

html css format

Valued at $320
Top Quality Training Guide

Mini Sites - In 6 Colors

Of course, the package also includes a beautiful, mobile responsive mini-site in 6 colors – everything you need to get your website up quickly and start earning money.

Mini sites in 6 colors

Click on a link below to see the mini-sites:

Light Blue | Blue | Grey | Green | Orange | Maroon

And you don’t need to be technically savvy or know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc – It comes with very simple instructions so you will be up and running in just a few minutes. You can then start selling and making money right away.

html css

Valued at $260
Top Quality Training Guide

High Conversion Swipe Emails

Email marketing is a delicate art. It takes care, experience and knowing your target audience to send someone an email and they buy based on the information you provide on that email.

Email marketing is still king when it comes to making sales. That’s why you get your package with a bundle of highly converting swipe emails that you just need to put your name on it, personalize them, and load them your autoresponder.

Email Swipe

Then you can sit back and let automated marketing do the job for you.

You can also give these to your affiliates to use for their marketing – making you more money.

Text document

Valued at $27
Top Quality Training Guide

Professionally Designed Graphics

Of course you will also get the complete set of all the graphics, all professionally designed.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids

This includes any CD/DVD covers or any artwork necessary for you to sell. And of course, all the source files are included in case you need to make any changes.

These graphics make the training more presentable and easy to sell.

png and psd formats

Valued at $420
License Pack

License Pack

Of course when you get this page, it comes with Private Label Rights – put your name on it, make any changes you see fit and sell it as your own and keep 100% of the money.
Top Quality Training Guide

Advertising Banners

No marketing can be complete without having affiliates market for you. That is why you get this package complete with banners for advertising.

You can also give these to your affiliates to use for their marketing – making you more money.

Valued at $160

Obviously there is a ton of value here. But if you act now you will not pay anywhere near this price.

And all you have to do is…

Download it

Download it

Customize it

Customize it

Slightly modify it. Just follow the simple instructions included.
Upload it

Upload it

Make some money

Make some money

Or a lot of it…

Send traffic to it and start making money.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids - PLR
Amazing Value. Zero Risk.

I am so darn sure you will love Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids training for yourself, and so darn sure that your clients will also love it, that I am willing to take all the risk.

You will be protected by out 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with our PLR package, contact us within 30 days for a full refund. It is that simple.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids - PLR

Social Media is where I live and this product really impressed me

So, my First thought whenever I see anything related to Facebook or PLR is ‘Here we go again”.   Well, I received a review copy of this product and I have to say, I was blown away.   A lot of times, these products are very high level and don’t get into the nitty-gritty.   He does here.

Social Media is where I live and this product really impressed me.   Without PLR rights, this is a great guide that takes you step by step exactly how to prepare for your ad before-hand – getting a website, hosting, etc.   Placing your tracking pixel on your site and exactly how to do that.   Tracking conversions, setting up your audience..  I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a ton of very useful info here. Things some of us know, but a lot of newbies will not. This guide is pretty much as complete as it can get.  

Along with the Guide there are some bonuses – A Resource Report and a Mindmap, both can be useful to the right people…..

Overall, I really enjoyed reading through everything and the product stands very well on it’s own.   That is important as, if you are going to try to resell, you want to be sure you are providing quality to your customers.

Well done!
Jessie Grosch

OK. How Much?

The total value for a product like this could set you back a few thousand dollars. But if you get it today, you will not pay anywhere near that.

You won’t pay $500…

Or even $97…

If you get it right now, you can get it for less than the price of  a large pizza. But this offer is EXTREMELY TIME SENSITIVE.

Click the button below and get instant access and start profiting right away.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids - PLR

Frequent Questions

Private Label Rights (PLR) means you can sell this product as your own with you as the author.

You can make any changes you want. The only thing you cannot do is to pass the PLR rights to others.


This package comes with super easy instructions on how to set things up.

Even if you are not tech savvy, you will be up an running in no time.


You can easily sell this from $47 to $97. This is really up to you.

However, do not sell it under $9.

Nope. Just a one-time payment and it’s all yours.

Facebook marketing is the hottest opportunity today. And it keeps growing hotter.

Millions and millions of people need this information, making this one of the easiest things you can sell on the internet.

Of course, you can also use this same information to polish your marketing skills on Facebook to reach more people and make more money.


It comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund and get 100% money back.


How To Make Money From Facebook
Download this free eBook and learn how to:
1. Get unlimited, responsive leads from Facebook
2. Turn them into repeat buyers

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