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How To Make 300% More Money From Each Ebook Buyer

arrowReady to go Video Training upgrade to offer your clients.

arrowSuper easy to sell, make 3x more from each buyer.

arrow100% all done for you package.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Video Upgrade

Why Video Upgrade?

Most people learn faster by watching, rather than by reading.

In addition, most people that buy a text-based Ebook do not even complete the course. And for the ones that complete it, most of them fail to retain what they learn.

This is the reason why all your clients should buy an upgrade from you.

An upgrade for a video course will be very easy to sell.

By offering this upgrade to every person that buys FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS from you, you will make up to 300% from each client.

3 times more money with the same number of buyers.

I know you will get great results and your clients will be happy to own quality training that makes them money.

Please pay attention because you are going to see this discounted offer only once.

The best time to sell to your customers is right after they make a purchase.

By offering them this video upgrade right after they buy FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS, you will make more money from the same buyers right away.

Let’s Do Some Numbers…

Studies show that nurtured leads:

arrowGenerate 50% more sales – at 33% lower cost.

arrowMake 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads.

These studies focused on cold leads – yours will be a list of proven buyers that know you – most of them should buy from you.

In “general” marketing, getting 1-2% conversion is pretty standard. If you get a 5% conversion, that is well above normal..

But what happens to the other 95%?

They leave, never to come back.

But not in this case ==> Because we have covered all loopholes. Stay tuned.

The average person needs to see your offer 5 to 7 times before they can make a purchase.

Since you will have an email list of your buyers, you simply need to follow up with them automatically – with the follow-up sequence provided in this package.

And all you have to do is to upload these emails to your autoresponder, and it will automatically send these emails for you.

Then just watch as the sales keep coming in.

It Gets Even Better…

Selling more isn’t the only way to make money.

One of the most overlooked ways to make more money is charging more.

With this upgrade package, you will be able to charge more AND sell more by simply uploading a few files, and a few emails…

You should sell the video upgrade at least 2 times more than the first package.

This means you will make 3 times more money from each client.

Almost No Work Involved…

Think about it. Everything has already been done for you.

checkmarkUpgrade product is already created for you – You are getting a hot, easy to sell product ready to go, with everything you need to make money from it.

checkmarkSell And Profit – Simply offer it to buyers who already trust you and sell unlimited copies, keep 100% of the profits.

checkmarkHot Product + Unlimited Market = $$$$ – You just need to market FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS  Ebook. This upgrade will sell itself by simply offering it as an upgrade to your buyers.

All you need to do is….

Download it

Download it

Customize it

Customize it

Slightly modify it. Just follow the simple instructions included.

Upload it

Upload it

Make some money

Make some money

Or a lot of it…

Send traffic to it and start making money.

So What’s In This Bundle?

In addition to everything that comes with FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS Ebook, you will also get the following:

Training Videos

Upsell Module #1: Training Videos

In this upgrade you will also get 7 video tutorials that cover Facebook marketing in depth.

Training Video

As you know video is hot these days. Many people prefer to buy training that offers video. These videos are created to to hold your client’s hands and walk them step by step through Facebook marketing.

Valued at $450

Powerpoint slides

Upsell Module #2: Powerpoint Slides

As a premium, you are also going to get all the 7 PowerPoint chapters that cover the full video training.

You can offer these to your customer as an added bonus – they add value to your package and make it easier to you to sell and make more money.

You could host a webinar, or even create an automated webinar using the slides to teach and make more sales in the process.


Valued at $320

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #3: Audio Files

In addition to the video scripts, you will also receive all the voice-over audios for each video lesson.

You can give these to your customers so they can listen to the training on the go – when they are in the car, at the gym, or even at work.

mp3 file format

Valued at $450

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #4: Professionally Designed Graphics

Of course you will also get the complete set of all the graphics, all professionally designed.

This includes any CD/DVD covers or any artwork necessary for you to sell. And of course, all the source files are included in case you need to make any changes.

These graphics make the training more presentable and easy to sell.

png and psd formats

Valued at $420

High Conversion Squeeze Page

Upsell Module #5: High Conversion Squeeze Page

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns start with capturing the email address of your leads. This is where a Squeeze Page comes in.

It takes a “science” to create a squeeze page that converts – if at all possible, you should get every visitor or lead to opt in through your squeeze page.

Squeeze page

That is why you will receive this package with a high conversion squeeze page created for you to start making money right away.

HTML CSS format

Valued at $97

Lead Generation Free Report

Upsell Module #6: Lead Generation Free Report

For anyone to sign up on your squeeze page, you must offer something of value that your target leads need. This is called a lead magnet. They will have to give you their email to access the free offer.

How to make money from Facebook

This Ebook will come integrated into your squeeze page. You just need to put your name on it, upload it and send traffic to it and start making money.

pdf and doc formats

Valued at $97

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #7: High Conversion Sales Letter

Of course you need a sales copy that converts so your clients can also buy the video upgrade.

This is all done for you. It takes a lot of expertise and care to write a sales copy that converts.

You just need to make some little change and start sending traffic to it and make sales.

html css format

Valued at $320

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #8: Upsell Mini Site

Of course, the package also includes a beautiful, mobile responsive mini-site – everything necessary to get your website up quickly and start earning money.

Again, you don’t need to be technically savvy – just follow some simple instructions so you will be up and running in just a few minutes.

Here is the mini-site template

You can then start selling and making money right away.

html css

Valued at $260

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #9: Upsell High Conversion Swipe Emails

No marketing is complete without email marketing.

Email marketing is a delicate art. It takes care, experience and knowing your target audience to send someone an email and they buy based on the information you provide on that email.

This package comes with autoresponder swipe emails for the upgrade. No writing or tech skills required.

Email swipes for video upgrade

You simply need to put your name on it, personalize them, and load them your autoresponder.

This training will show you where to get the autoreponder.

Then you can sit back and let automated marketing do the job for you.

You can also give these to your affiliates to use for their marketing – making you more money.

Text document

Valued at $27

License Pack

Upsell Module #10: License Pack

Of course when you get this page, it comes with Private Label Rights – put your name on it, make any changes you see fit and sell it as your own and keep 100% of the money.

Top Quality Training Guide

Upsell Module #_A: How To Create Sales Funnel

None of this would be complete without learning how to set up a good sales funnel that makes you money.

A good sales funnel moves your leads from being cold prospects to people that buy from you over and over.

pdf format

Of course there is a ton of value here. But if you act now you will not pay anywhere near this price.

You Are Getting A Complete Sales Funnel Designed To Make You Money

Most marketers will tell you that you make more money by up-selling your basic services.

This means your client should go through a sales funnel designed to sell them more upgrades – making you more money.

This video upgrade is a complete sales funnel already set up for you.

Ever noticed McDonalds will always try to sell you curly fries and a large soda every time? They put you in a sales funnel. If you take all their upgrade options, they end up making a few more dollars that they would otherwise not make.

Most companies and marketers do this – making more money.

Your sales funnel will look something like this:

arrowStep 1: Offer the free report (Ebook) to potential buyers – This is called a Lead Magnet. To get this report (Ebook), they have to provide their email address through the squeeze page provided.

If they don’t provide an email, this training will show you how to retarget those people on Facebook and bring them back.

arrowStep 2:  Offer them Ebook – As soon as they sign up offer them the FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS Ebook.

If they don’t buy, the follow-up email sequence that you uploaded on your autoresponder will do the job for you.

Of course you should also retarget them on Facebook.

arrowStep 3:  Offer them Video Training upgrade – As soon as they buy the Ebook, offer them the upgrade for the video course and make even more money.

And of course if they don’t buy, the upsell follow-up email sequence that you uploaded on your autoresponder will do the job for you.

And of course you should also retarget them on Facebook.

You will get complete instructions on how to quickly set up your sales funnel and start making money.

So your sales funnel will look something like this:

Leads From Facebook Marketing

Offer Free Report On Squeeze Page

Offer Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Ebook

Offer Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Video Upgrade

Amazing Value. Zero Risk.

I am so darn sure you will love this video upgrade, and so darn sure that your clients will also love it, that I am willing to take all the risk.

That is why it comes with 30 days 100% refund guarantee – no questions asked.

Take note, there is no fine print here, no little asterisk marks like this (*) with footnotes in tiny type. No “weasel clauses”. No attorney language.

While nobody can guarantee anyone that you will make a profit…

I guarantee your total satisfaction. Period.

The risk is all mine. You take all the benefits.

OK. How Much?

You must be wondering, how much is all this going to cost?

There is no question that this package is easily worth a few hundred dollars.

And there is no question that it will easily pay for itself.

By simply offering this upgrade when someone buys the FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS Ebook, you will make sales with no further marketing.

And of course the follow-up emails should bring you more sales. If you combine this with retargeting people who do not buy on Facebook, you should sell this upgrade to most people that buy the Ebook from you.

To make it really easy for you, if you get this ONE-TIME offer right now, you will get it for just $47.

You heard that right – just $47!

Just click the button below to get it right now.

This is not a cost – it is an investment that you will recoup almost as soon as you start selling.

Think about it this way – just one sale from your sales funnel will pay for this little investment. The rest is pure profit for you.

You end up making up to 300% more money just by offering this upgrade. There is no risk – and if you make just one sale, your investment will be fully paid for.

But you cannot wait…

This is a one-time offer. You will not be able to get it at this price again.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Video Upgrade

Frequent Questions


By offering this upgrade to your clients as soon as they order the FACEBOOK ADS MARKETING ON STEROIDS Ebook, you are going to make sales.


And if they do not buy right away, the Upsell Follow-up Email Sequence included in the package will do the job for you.

Since you need to sell this video upgrade for at least twice what you sell the Ebook (or more), it means you will make up to 300% more money just by offering this video upgrade.


You can easily sell this from $47 to $97. This is really up to you.

At the very least, you should sell it 2x more than the Ebook.

This upgrade offers a lot of value and it will be super easy to sell at least $47.


You will receive complete instructions on how to set up a sales funnel right away – even if you are new to computers.

This bonus will have you up and running shortly.


It comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund and get 100% money back.

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