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Sit Back, Relax, And Let Us Set Up Your  PLR Marketing Package For You

You will receive a completely done for you money making sales funnel that automates your marketing with laser sharp precision to convert your leads to sales AND maximize dollar value for each client.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids

Why Should We Set It Up For You?

I am sure you are really excited and ready to start making some money.

What if you can make money faster and more efficiently with less effort?

Please pay close attention because you will only see this page once.

Everyone buys a good PLR product like this one to make money. But most people make no money because they never even get started.

They never even set it up.

Sad but true…

We have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours and expertise to make sure you get nothing but outstanding quality that will sell easily to make you money. A product you will be proud to offer your clients.

That’s Why We  Are Offering A Completely  “Done For You” Setup And Installation Service. Get It Done Once, Get It Done Right.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids

The Perfect Funnel Should LOOK Like This
Leads From Facebook Marketing (Or Other Sources)
Opt In On Squeeze Page
Buy Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Ebook
Buy Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids Video Upgrade
And It Should WORK Like This
Perfect sales funnel
You end up converting most of your leads into sales.

You must set it up perfectly  or you could end up losing thousands of dollars.

This is why you need to let the experts set this up for you.

Just sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting for you…

This Is How We Will Set It Up:
High Conversion Squeeze Page

Set up your squeeze page

We will integrate your squeeze page with your autoresponder.

This is a very critical step because if you lose a lead at this step, you might never get them back.

Squeeze page

Lead Generation Free Report

Personalize Your Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet “How To Make Money From Facebook” will be fully personalized with your name.

We will then make sure it is delivered instantly when your leads sign up on your squeeze page.This increases conversions.

How to make money from Facebook

Set up your autoresponder email sequence

As soon as they hit submit, automated email marketing should start instantly.

And they must be redirected to your sales page instantly for maximum effect. If they slip on this step, they autoresponder messages will bring them back.

Email Swipe

Set up your UPSELL autoresponder email sequence

When someone buys the Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids ebook, they should stop receiving Ebook follow-up emails and start receiving follow-up emails for the video upgrade.

This step is very critical…

This step alone will more than double your profits.

Email swipes for video upgrade

Sales Pages

Set up your sales pages

In order to sell, your sales pages must be set up properly. We will:

checkmarkPersonalize all files with your name

checkmarkAdd payment buttons to your sales pages (both the main sales page and upsell sales page)

checkmarkMaking sure all the links in your sales funnel work

checkmarkSet up your thank you pages


Upload everything to your hosting account

All you have to do is to start sending leads to your squeeze page and start making money.

And your sales funnel will work for you to convert your leads to buyers AND maximize the dollar value for each buyer.

And you end up making more money.

This means you can…

Sit back and relax…

Let us do the hard work.

Spend time with family and friends!
Get ready to start sending traffic to your sales funnel.
Work on other projects.
Plus You Will Also Get Ongoing Support

We are just an email away.

Our team will be available if you need any ongoing support.

We are available for you before, during and after set-up for support.

Ready To Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting For You?
  1. Click the button below and place the order
  2. You will receive an email with all the instructions
  3. Submit the requested information
  4. We will complete set-up within 24 to 48 hours. If we have any questions we will let you know.

Facebook Ads Marketing On Steroids

Frequent Questions

This was save you all the headache of setting everything up properly and making sure there are no errors.

You do not want a leaking bucket in your sales funnel where you lose leads and money.

Secondly, this guarantees you that YOU WILL DO IT.  Most people that buy PLR products do not make money because they never set it up.

Do not let this be you – the person that never gets started.

However if you are technically savvy, the instructions included are very simple. You just need to make sure all the elements are in place in order for you to make money.


No. None.

We will set this up for you for one low price – and we will provide you with ongoing support to make sure your funnel works properly.


We are just an email away.

You will have access to our technical team before, during and after set-up.

We will complete the full set-up within 24 to 48 hours. It is likely to take our team a few hours once we receive all the requested information from you.

For us to set up everything for you properly, you need to have:

  • A hosting account
  • An autoresponder account
  • A way to receive payments – such as Paypal

If you do not have these, no problem, we will guide you how to get them at very cheap prices.


Click the order button above to place your order.

You will receive instructions instantly via email – and we will get started with your set-up.

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